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A story about us

Spruce Knot Lab is a woodworking and custom furniture business located in Bloomington, Indiana. A decade in the making, the vision started in art school.


The son of a woodworker and school teacher, Dakotah Konicek enlisted into the United States Air Force. It was here that Dakotah envisioned his future of making. After serving he studied Fine Art with a focus in sculpture from the University of Wyoming and continued his studies at Carnegie Mellon University and graduated with a masters in sculpture. With a terminal degree he taught drawing and 3D design at Indiana University. In 2019 he left academia to pursue his passion of making and broke ground on the construction of a new studio / wood shop.

I am relatively new to the scene as a business owner but have over 15 years of design and woodworking experience.  With a nod to my Wyoming roots and the pioneering drive art school, a spruce tree and an Erlenmeyer flask were juxtaposed in an image that created the logo. Despite countless challenges throughout the following years we officially founded Spruce Knot Lab in the summer of 2021.I have had the pleasure and privilege of bringing items into reality for a wide assortment of clients. As a professional maker I enjoy testing the limits of what materials can do, and remain fascinated by how everyday items can be created in unique ways.

I believe the aim of every project is to craft well-designed works of art that are beautiful and functional. Above all, my passion for design and creation comes from the desire to bring incredible ideas to life. I make every effort to select locally harvested wood products for each piece. These unique works are designed and handcrafted by myself, Dakotah Konicek

Spruce Knot Lab is a family owned and operated, veteran run business.

Thank you for your interest.

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