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Why wood?

Wood is a living material that breathes with the seasons, bends to the weight of gravity, and responds texturally to your touch. Wood has a familiar warmth that deeply connects us with our primitive history.  It is no wonder we continue to seek it for the objects we choose to inhabit our built environment. A trees lifespan closely resembles our own and yet with the right care wood furniture can become generational heirlooms.  As a renewable resource it resonates with our species and will remain a fundamental design ingredient of our future.

Carpenter at Work

Our Work

We design, build, and make custom projects ranging from fixtures for your home and office to furniture designed for you and your space. This process is a collaboration between you and our lead designer and craftsman Dakotah Konicek. Together we realize the perfect furnishing. We use south central Indiana sourced hardwoods including walnut, maple, cherry, hickory, oak, sycamore, and ash to name a few. At Spruce Knot Lab we strive to be innovative and produce high quality fine furniture and woodworks.

Our woods

Each project is handmade using south central Indiana sourced hardwoods.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Black Walnut




Hard Maple



Black Cherry _ The Wood Database (Hardwo

Black Cherry

white oak.jpeg



White Ash

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Walnut hall table
Custom works

Custom works

At Spruce Knot Lab, we provide top quality custom woodworking services. Our process is designed to work with you from start to finish to ensure each item meets your exact needs and specifications. 

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Every item we design starts with a unique vision, brought to life through years of experience. With attentiveness and care, each piece is crafted with the quality in mind. Looking to get started? Please reach out today and let’s create the piece of your dreams.

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